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 the blame factor

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PostSubject: the blame factor   the blame factor EmptyMon May 18, 2009 7:50 pm

It struck me as i was teaching today, how bad we are as a culture on blaming others yet never taking responsibility for our actions. The students are coming up to the end of the year and have been given a fair stack of assignments. They went mad today blaming the lack of teachers (as we have had loads off on long term sick) as they have 5 weeks to finish everything before we break up. They blamed everything except themselves, and when i pointed out that like them would be spending every night for the next 5 weeks marking them, i too was stressed and up to my neck. They said that i chose to be a teacher which is right, yet wouldnt accept that they chose to come to college and therefore had to do the work. It really annoyed me that they wouldnt put their hands up and say yes i have been out too much and admit to needing to buckle down.

it just seems like we are turning into a society where we blame yet never take responsibility. Anyway, rant over
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the blame factor
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